Effectiveness Of The Library Environment Essay

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Librarians need to be familiar with research for a variety of reasons. They need to conduct research in order to assess programs and services, as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of the library environment they are working in. They assist patrons with accessing research materials and conducting research. Many librarians conduct academic and professional research related to their professions. When a librarian is familiar with research methods and how to conduct, analyze, and use both quantitative and qualitative research, they will be much more effective in their organizations, and in assisting the patrons they serve.

One method of completing research is through quantitative methods. Quantitative research methods are focused on data which has been compiled in numerical form. Data is collected, analyzed and reported, the researcher creates a formal hypothesis which is tested. This hypothesis is either proven or rejected. The initial steps of collecting the data, analyzing it, and reporting it are usually very straightforward. Quantitative research is completed with the goal of obtaining a percentage or a generalized number which reveals something about a group or population. These results are then sometimes used to determine trends, or forecast needs or interests of a much larger population group. There are multiple ways to complete quantitative research. One of them is through survey research. Survey research “provides a quantitative or numeric…

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