Effectiveness Of The Juvenile Justice System Essay examples

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This class has taught me a lot about different issues that I didn’t realize were such a big problem in our society. I knew that there was always issues with the criminal justice system, but this class taught me the problems behind the problems. Some of the lectures were surprising, and others were alarming, and also terrifying. Certain individuals go through different consequences within the criminal justice system and sometimes, these consequences aren’t fair. I have seen videos of females going through boot camp to “sharpen themselves up”, to a documentary of guys in jail where they are getting education. Males and females are so different in the system. There are individuals that are more at risk for getting caught as well. I have learned a lot of facts and statistics that I can now take with me as I move into my last semester of college in January. The experience of young people shaped my ideas about the effectiveness of the juvenile justice system. Before this class, I didn’t realize how much youths are integrated in the juvenile justice system. Thanks to the books: Punished: The Lives of Black and Latino Boys by Victor Rios, and Between Good and Ghetto by Nikki Jones really pointed out how much youths struggle in the juvenile justice system. I say the word struggle because they are the ones that get hit had the most by the higher authority such as police officers. I am not talking about white youths, I am simply talking about the African American girls and boy and…

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