Effectiveness Of New Media Marketing

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Register to read the introduction… It was really about helping people connect around a sphere of interest so they could do business.” (Pierre Omidyar, eBay)

1.2 Aim and Objective * To study the new media marketing strategies used by dotcom Entrepreneurs in India and to determine the most effective practices for the same. * To study the dotcom entrepreneurs and their strategies in India. * To analyze the new media marketing strategies used by dotcom entrepreneurs. * To identify the different marketing strategies of business enterprises using new media technology. * To determine the effectiveness of new media marketing.

3. Literature Review
Scott (2009) states the reasons for brand promoters preferring online web for marketing is that the tools, techniques and content are constantly evolving. The buyers reward creativity by responding to the online efforts like:
“If you are open to trying out new things, you can be first in your industry to use something new to communicate to your
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The surveyed results clearly bring an understanding, which marketing strategy is effective in bringing customers to interact with the online shopping websites. Classifying the results hierarchically, we find that social media influences 45% of the respondents to hit on the website for purchase of products, whereas only 13% of the surveyed respondents were brought in awareness by banner ads,10% was reached through e-mails,15% through ad links through other websites,2% get influenced by unexpected popup ads, 8% flash ads that swirl along while browsing through any website and 5% by intentional lookout for products online through search engines like Google search.

4.2.4 Impact of Online marketing strategies SN | YES (%) | NO (%) | NEUTRAL (%) | 1. | 55 | 11 | 34 | The results show the online marketing strategies on the table above, it is evident that these strategies influence at least 55% to shop online than walking to a nearby retail stores, 11% of the respondents are not influenced by the online marketing strategies mentioned above and 34% show neutral response towards online shopping cause they find retail shops more reliable for shopping due their higher preference on touch and feel experience in choice of products.

4.2.5 Interest shown by people if an offer is provided SN | YES (%) | NO (%) | MAY BE (%) | 1. | 56 |

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