Essay Effectiveness Of Having Preference Base Ethics

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Wallace rather think the lobsters do not feel pain the same way as humans to keep his conscious from being conflicted which shows the effectiveness of having a preference-based ethical position. People choose to eat from organic farms that doesn’t aabuse the animals and they only use products that are labeled no animals were harm in this making to feel better about themselves. The media also like to use this method in a negative way to work in their favor like sending troops to another country and saying we need to go there before they attack us knowing the country does not have enough power to even attack the U.S, we choose to believe to keep a clean conscious. The ineffectiveness of having preference-base ethics is the fact that individuals and organizations use it to their advantage, meaning they only look at one side.
For instance, the PETA organization say the lobsters can feel pain and that’s why when in the boiling pot they scratch the sides because they know their being boiled alive while lobster lovers will say lobsters have behaviors which is why when they scratch the kettle its involuntary reflexes and do not feel pain the same way we do. Personally I feel that we like to touch on people 's ethics and morals to get what they want making preference-based ethics sufficient enough to use in today society. Perception plays an important role when talking about preferences and morals because it depends on how you see it for you to be affected in a positive or…

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