Criminal Justice In America Essay

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The criminal justice in United States of America is based upon the 1967 on President 's Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice. This recommendation is based upon that a systematic approach should be followed for an effective approach to criminal justice. This can only be achieved when there is improved coordination among law enforcement, courts and correctional agencies. Other countries have also enforced the criminal justice system and use it as a means to protect the rights of citizen.
The topic of criminal justice system is relevant to different parts of the system such as Police, Courts and corrections. Police is an integral part of the system which drives the whole criminal justice system and is first and foremost face in any incident. Any proofs of incident are collected by police which plays a crucial part till the justice is attained. Second face of trial which comes into picture are courts. Criminal proceedings are run into courts during which people expect a fair
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Several laws on entering America and laws on visas were made tough after these attacks. Prisoners who were captured and brought to U.S should have the same constitutional rights as that of US citizens captured in America, after all they are human too. However laws on their trials should be made different as they have more suspicious activities to an ordinary citizen coming a criminal activity.
Victims have their own issues and the complete existence of their life goes off. We live in a society where we have rehabilitation centers running for victims who are discarded from the society. They contribute funds for settling out the life of these victim. I would rather help out the drug addict victims to settle out their life again. This would be more beneficial for the society and to a greater extent for the forthcoming future of the

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