Effectiveness Of An Active Education Model Essay

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Several strategies for student success are highlighted in this article including opportunities to increase oral communication skills in the classroom and clinical settings, peer mentoring, study groups, and individual tutoring (Hansen & Beaver, 2012, p.247-248). Of personal interest related to my change project, Hansen and Beaver (2012) recommend the use of an Action Plan to assist faculty in addressing these core issues and assisting ESL students by meeting their individual needs (p. 249). This article highlighted many effective methods for nursing faculty to assist these struggling students with achieving success. One question that surfaced from reading this article is the concept of an active education model. In the past, the college offered classes and workshops for students struggling with English, but lack of interest made it not cost-effective. How could the nursing faculty and other departments work together collaboratively to re-instate this program and gear it toward nursing students? Another question that warrants investigation relates to peer mentors. Currently enrolled nursing students fill two positions for lab assistants each year. Could these student workers receive training and serve as mentors to the ESL students in their class?
Article 3 Strategies to Improve NCLEX Style Testing in Students who Speak English as an Additional Language is an article by Kimberly Dudas that focuses on identifying different faculty teaching ideas to support these…

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