Effectiveness Of A Sales Force Essay

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Effectiveness of a Sales Force In most organizations, the sales force is among one of the most effective channels of engaging customers. However, it often times may come with an associated cost. As explained by Chaharsoughi and Yasory (2012), in most of the instances, sales expenses accounts for ten percent of the total revenue or more. It is therefore necessary, to improve the effectiveness of the sales force by identifying and prioritizing the best sales strategies. By identifying and closing gaps within the sales process an organization can capture specific and significant growth opportunities. The main objective is not having a shiny and bright sales force, but instead having the right investments in a sales force, which in turn, achieves substantial results. Therefore, it is always important to evaluate the effectiveness of a sales force. Several of the most effective methodologies for measuring the effectiveness of a sales team are sales analysis, cost analysis and profitability analysis.
Sales analysis is a valuable process, which allows management to compare what their sales force has achieved. Management studies sales reports to see what goods or services are doing well and where there are areas for improvement. It is also used to determine how to stock and maintain inventory, set production and manufacturing practices and to see how the company is comparing against set goals. The proper use of sales analysis enables management to establish variations in sales…

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