Essay on Effectiveness Of A Disease Self Management Program

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In this 2016 article, Does Participation in a Disease Self-Management Program by Veterans Affect Their Subsequent Utilization of Acute Care Services and Costs of Care?, Majers, a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and registered nurse (RN), examines how self-management health programs affect hospital days, emergency department (ED) visits, outpatient visits, and associated costs among veterans with chronic conditions. It addresses an ongoing problem in which health care providers are struggling to come up with effective care models that can help manage the rising utilization and costs of care due to an aging population and poor lifestyle choices among young populations. In this regard, disease self-management programs have been proposed as good models to achieve these objectives (Ahn et al., 2013). Nevertheless, little research has been done to understand the effectiveness of the programs in the veteran population with chronic conditions, yet this population is believed to account for over half of the total VA health care costs. For this reason, Majers (2016) wishes to fill this gap by investigating hospital days, ED visits, and outpatient visits, as well as associated costs, six months before and after veterans participate in the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program designed by Stanford University. Even though the article relies on evidence and statistical tools to support its arguments and makes important contributions to the topic, presentation of the content sounds…

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