Effectiveness And Safety Of Childhood Vaccines

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Immunizations Vaccines started in the modern time. Prevention is better than a cure. Could not find a better word with the controversy surrounding the effectiveness and safety of childhood immunizations. The main argumentative reasoning is whether or not laws should be implemented on mandatory vaccination on children and adults. Given that most vaccines are administered for purposes of prevention rather than treatment, vaccines are often given to healthy individuals which includes newborn, infants, children, and adults and that states frequently mandate them for school entry, safety requirements are high to ensure that expected benefits outweigh risks (Griffin, 2009). Vaccinating our children ensures their safety and their future …show more content…
In order to protect the majority of the people, health vaccine regulation may infringe on the individual and liberty. You will have individuals who would want to exercise their right to protect themselves including their children, that’s if they do not accept existing safety evidence. I see no argument in favor of religion exemption for vaccination when the public safety is at risk. Citizens have to realize that in a clinical trial, vaccines effectiveness has to be properly tested. Vaccines go through many years of research and testing and must pass safety and efficacy standard. Research on pathogens and immune responses is supported primarily by the NIH and performed in universities, the NIH, other government agencies, and biotech companies. They play in a major role in vaccine evaluation by supporting vaccine trial networks of research centers around the world (Orenstein, …show more content…
It also helps not only for the vaccinated individuals but for young kids or babies that cannot receive vaccine due to a genetic or biological reasons. Vaccination is very important for the whole society and it is not limited by one person or country, because everyone is always traveling either here or abroad. Exposure to viruses combined with low vaccination can surpass and spread an outbreak in other countries. I think the government should make vaccination mandatory and take punitive sanctions for those who refuse to not vaccinate their children. The process should be more open to parents and others, also they should be able to control the procedure and be educated on minimal risk for the kids. Even though I think newborns should receive vaccines, there should be a limit as to what they get until they are able to build their immunity as it may pose a significant threat. I believe that it would be better to receive 1 shot at a

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