Essay on Effectiveness And Effectiveness Of An Organization

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Measurement is often the most debated topic by scholars when discussing effectiveness in both leadership and organizations. Clear understanding of what defines effectiveness paves the way for a conceptualized understanding of the elements needed for performance measurement. According to Davis and Pelt, “Effectiveness refers to the resource-getting ability of an organization” (2002). In terms of leadership, effectiveness is often measured by productivity data, which provides concrete information to gauge success (Howell and Costley, 2006). Effectiveness focuses on measurement of growth, along with assessing the absolute level of input and outcome without regard to financial costs (Ostroff and Schmitt, 1993).
What Is Efficiency? Coupled with effectiveness, efficiency adds a secondary element that proves a necessary to positive organizational operational performance. Efficiency adds the element of finance into the success mix and complements effectiveness, remaining paramount to achieving desired goals. “Trying to cut costs in a war, for example, is useless if the outcome means losing the battle” (Colvard, 2001). Efficiency takes in consideration a ratio that compares the output attained to the input exerted to achieve the desired goal. In terms of economics, efficiency exemplifies the cost-benefit relationship which resources are adequately distributed in order to reduce waste and inefficiency (Niculeuscu and Iovanas, 2012).
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