Essay about Effectively Managing Downtime : Video # 1

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Effectively Managing Downtime: Video #1
For the purposes of this assignment, I decided to interview a classmate rather than a close friend or family member. For the transcripts assignment, I felt that the conversation became too lax because of the established relationship between my brother and I; therefore, by holding a session with a colleague, I hoped it would be more professional this time around.
My client was a 24-year-old part-time graduate student and full-time college adviser at a high school. The reason for her visit was to discuss how to manage fluctuating workloads between work and school, throughout the semester.
Non-Verbal Behavior
The environment for my advising session was an empty classroom that functioned well as an office; we had no interruptions and were able to focus on the relationship. I felt that we were situated at a comfortable distance away from each other and were able to communicate effectively because of this. We finished our session in a little over ten minutes, which was also great.
I feel that my use of kinesics in this session were good, for the most part. While I was looking at my client directly, showing that I was listening by using head movements and facial expressions, I feel that my hand gestures needed work In the beginning—I had my hands below desk, which I didn’t realize until I was playing the video over for myself. Toward the end of the session, I began using my hands more as I spoke. However, I…

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