Effective Writers Have The Abilities Needed For Good Writing Essay examples

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Effective writers have the ability to draw upon a multitude of underlying component abilities. Educators have the daunting task of developing these abilities in their students’ writing and this process at times, can be a challenging process for all students, of all abilities. Educators who are effective in their teaching of writing must be aware of any underlying components abilities (such as reading difficulties, spelling difficulties, etc,) of their students as well as have a comprehensive program of instruction that addresses the abilities needed for good writing. Writing is a foundational skill that enhances all areas of education. In observing my pen pal’s letter, it is evident that this is a young writer who enjoys putting her ideas onto paper. In the letter, she seems excited to share her thoughts, activities that she enjoys, and shares what a glimpse of her very busy life is like. There are some areas that this writer needs help in developing. One area is the use of transition words. While she utilizes the strategy of compound sentences, she joins those sentences consistently with the same word ‘and’. In addition, most of her sentences begin with ‘I’. This writer would benefit on direct instruction on how to effectively use transition words. Teaching students to use transition words effectively, helps students improve their overall writing (MacArrhur, 2007). Transition words help stories flow more smoothly, providing logical organization and improving…

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