Effective Ways For College Students At A High Risk For Contracting Stds

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Jackson State University (JSU) students are aware that they can receive sexual health care on campus at virtually no cost to them. Jackson State University’s Health Center is a Planned Parenthood site that is in partnership with the Mississippi Department of Health. Most of the students seen in this clinic are traditional students with ages ranging from 18 to 24 years old. During my community health rotation at the JSU Health Center, several young ladies came to the clinic for sexually transmitted disease (STD) Testing. We rarely saw young men for the same testing. This led me to hypothesize that the young ladies testing positive for STDs such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea were either not notifying their partner(s) or the young men do not take their or their partner’s health seriously. This research paper seeks to identify effective ways to encourage college students that test positive for STDs to notify their partners by responding to the following questions.
1. Why are college students at a high risk for contracting STDs?
2. What is partner notification and why is it important to the spread of STDs?
3. What are the barriers to partner notification?
4. What are innovative nursing interventions to assist the client in notifying their partner(s)?
Why are college students at a high risk for contracting STDs? Some college students are aware that they are considered the highest sexually active group on the nation. What they may not know is that college students have the highest…

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