Effective Training And Diversity Programs At Cafe Britt Essay

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Training is the process of learning to help employees have a better understanding of their work, improve their level of skills in order to perform the tasks more efficiently. It is considered as a fundamental element to meet the goals, strategies of the organization. The quality of human resources becomes critical competitive advantage of businesses. It helps them solve organizational problems as well as to adapt promptly to changing society. To build effective training and diversity programs at Café Britt, it needs to go through six stages.
The first stage is to identify training needs and training goals. Based on the results of the job evaluation, job analysis, and the needs of the employees, managers of Café Britt can determine when and which departments need to be trained, which skills and how many people need to be re-trained.
The second stage is the selection of trainees. To train a worker is very expensive; therefore, before implementing training programs, managers need to identify and choose the right learners. Then, managers must consider if the person is in need of training or not, and their learning abilities. And ultimately predict whether changing working behavior of that employee is feasible or not. If feasible, that employee will be selected.
The third stage is to develop training programs and select training methods. Training programs built on the basis of training needs and training goals, which have been identified. So, they should be developed to be…

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