Effective Teams Are An Requirement Of The Customer Service Industry

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Effective teams are an inherent requirement in the customer-service industry. In Starbucks, teams are present at the storefront and corporate level. At the corporate level, Starbucks has a leadership team composed of fifty-nine individuals, with the CEO Howard Shultz at the top (Newsroom, 2016). At the individual store level, the Starbucks teams are composed of store managers, baristas and shift supervisors. Additionally, effective teamwork is crucial to Starbucks, especially at the storefront level. Teamwork is vital at this level because a single employee cannot effectively serve all of the needs of a customer without the help of other employees. Starbucks has recognized that effective teams is crucial to the company’s success and has taken several steps to ensure that its teams are effective.
The effectiveness of a team is influenced by the context in it operates, its work processes, as well as its composition. Context, in specific, the external resources available to a team, is crucial to ensuring its effectiveness (Langton, Robbins & Judge, 2014, p. 166). Starbucks has recognized the importance of providing external resources as it provides its employees with training programs. Starbucks’ training programs are used to teach baristas, shift supervisors, store managers, and district store managers (Starbucks, 2016c), skills that are task-specific. Furthermore, these training programs are team oriented and focus on ensuring that leaders are empathetic, attentive and…

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