Effective Team Leader With More Than 22 Years Of Litigation Essay

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Senior Paralegal with more than 22 years of litigation and trial preparation experience. Possess Secret security clearance (maintained consistently for over 22 years). Over 15 years of supervisory paralegal experience including working with International and Joint Forces paralegals. Trained and proficient in the use of Case Law and Military Justice Online. Provided litigation case management support in federal district court involving extensive agency records, discovery procedures, court exhibits, and witnesses, including filing documents with such courts and assisting attorneys with case analysis, investigation, discovery, obtaining expert witnesses, and preparation of cases for trial. Effective team leader with strong communication and interpersonal skills to communicate verbally and in writing with members of the public, attorneys, agents, various courts, other agencies, Federal and state law enforcement offices, witnesses and potential witnesses. Administered legal research in law libraries and on computer databases such as WESTLAW, LexisNexis, and other online sources to obtain information and materials requested by judges and attorneys to examine and analyze research data by shepardizing case law to find legal precedent such as statutes, decisions, legal articles and codes. Independent worker and extremely organized. Proficient in the use of MS Office suite, such as Excel, Access, Word, Power Point etc., and also PDF editing reports and presentations using word…

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