Effective Teaching And School Achieving An Outstanding Grade From The Governing Body

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In this essay we will discuss effective primary teaching and how this is utilized to deliver the national curriculum. Furthermore, we will focus on how effective teaching relates to a school achieving an outstanding grade from the governing body, Ofsted. We will also explore the different policies within the education system and how these policies outline how the curriculum is taught. This essay will also analyse what is meant by effective pedagogy.
The word pedagogy has its origin in Greek language and its historical definition translates to, ‘the art of teaching’. The definition of pedagogy has become more complex and distinct over time, Stephanie Stoll Dalton (2007 p.4) defines pedagogy as, “the system of principles and methods that supports and facilitates effective teaching.” From this definition we can observe there is a direct correlation between effective teaching and pedagogy. These methods and practises are an educational process that leads to the transfer of knowledge. Teachers have modelled and modified their teaching around these practises to give the student the most effective, concise education they can provide. There are many different methods and practises of teaching that are used within education to deliver the curriculum to the student effectively. There are three key theorists, Piaget, Vygotsky and Bruner. These theorist’s views and ideologies majorly influenced pedagogy. They all have radically different philosophies surrounding how to teach and the…

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