Effective Teachers Are Prepared For All Circumstances Essay

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According to Donna R, Sterling (2009), effective teachers are prepared for all circumstances that involves learning in their classroom. “Student learning is directly related to classroom control established the first week of school—what you do the first day counts, and what you do the first 10 minutes counts even more” (Sterling, 2009, p. 29). The purpose of this article is to share advancing planning aspects of classroom management that should be established before the students enter the classroom. Sterling (2009) argues that the physical environment partakes a major influence in classroom management and learning, including: routines, policies and procedures, materials management, and beginning and ending class. The first argument Sterling (2009) makes is that arranging the physical environment creates the class culture and aroma of learning. If someone is to walk in a classroom, that person needs to see what content is in classroom. “When you walk into an effective science teacher’s classroom, you know its is a science classroom. Science equipment, materials, pictures, and student work is evident…It is organized and functional” (Sterling, 2009, p. 29). Teachers need to plan the flow in and out of and around the classroom for easy access to all areas. The teacher needs to choose a position in the room where “the teaching” takes place. This place needs to be accessible to the teacher’s desk and any form of technology for presentation. Sterling (2009) suggests for teachers…

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