Effective Psychotherapy With Men Is An Instructional Video Created By Ronald F. Caso

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Although the new psychology of men is new, the need for it is gradually increasing (Levant, 2016). The streamed video about Effective Psychotherapy with Men is an instructional video created by Ronald F. Levant, Ed.D. to teach students a method of treating men in psychotherapy. Levant does an excellent job in incorporating exceptional socialization and personality development in his session-by-session therapy to address normative male alexithymia. Normative male alexithymia, which is defined "as the inability that men have, as a result of traditional gender role socialization, to know much of what they’re feeling and to put those feelings into words. This inability is relatively widespread and stands as a major obstacle, preventing many men from effectively utilizing psychotherapy” (Levant, 2006). Levant therapeutic design psychotherapy includes “psycho- education, a combination of didactic teaching and skills training” (Levant, 2006). Furthermore, every therapeutic design psychotherapy has a flaw, which is why I have to offer corrections, or share my personal thoughts and feelings, as well as pre-conceived ideas that were reaffirmed, challenged, and changed that emerged throughout the streamed video. Here are my thoughts and feelings, as well as pre-conceived ideas to session one and two.
Session One
In session one, Levant uses the client’s worldview: Levant use Raymond’s social beliefs of masculinity to help him engage in his therapy process (Levant, 2006).…

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