Essay on Effective Plans For The Transition Plan

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Provide a Plan
Once leadership establishes the need for change, it must address that need with a cohesive and comprehensive plan. The plan serves multiple purposes; it acts “as a road map for the organization, offering direction on how to arrive at the preferred end state, identifying obstacles, and proposing measures for overcoming those obstacles” (Fernandez and Rainey 169). Effective plans will be both specific and logical. Specific plans set goals that help with implementation and allow for later evaluation. Logical plans connect the goals laid out to the identified need. Fernandez and Rainey argue that causal reasoning can increase support for the transition plan, writing, “A mandate for change based on sound causal theory helps eliminate inconsistent or conflicting directives that can undermine efforts to implement change” (170). Ultimately, the plan should identify the organization’s goals, its vision for the change, and possible obstacles and their solutions. As noted before, public school districts may be required to produce such a plan in order to comply with school board or state guidelines. MMSD appears to have neglected large parts of this step. Again, while the district may have had internal plans, documents and statements from Principal Wilfrid indicate that they never communicated the specific details of such a plan with Sandburg. Principal Wilfrid noted that proposals for new procedures and resources like professional development were often lacking,…

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