Effective Patient Clinician Communication And The Whole Health Team

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Delivering the highest quality of care of our patient is the ultimate goal of every nurse in this profession. Effective nurse-patient communication and the whole health team are essential in ensuring that this goal being met. Miscommunication or failure to communicate the patient information effectively among the health team can result in poor care, medical mistake and can even be harmful to the patient. (Paget, L., Han, P., Nedza, S., Kurtz, P., Racine, E., Russell, S., Santa, J., Schumann, M., Simha, J. and Von Kohorn, I. 2011, June). Nurses need to have a clear understanding of their ethical obligation and how it can impact the patient care. Their professional duties in regard in ensuring patient needs are met. The purpose of this paper is to provide a comprehensive overview of the principles associate with effective patient-clinician communication, methods that have utilized by clinicians that have been proven to be effective. How these principles can be applied to our daily nursing and their relation to my personal experiences.

There are seven basic principles that can be applied systemically in the delivery of care among the interdisciplinary medical team that help in the effectiveness of the communication. The first principle is one that is based Mutual Respect, patients information is often collected through various methods, patient interviews, assessment, reviewed of patient medical records, family or patient’s agent interviewed. This information is vital in…

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