Essay on Effective Parent Collaboration : Effective Partnerships

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Effective parent collaboration. Effective partnerships were found to be vital and necessitated schools to work collaboratively with parents and community stakeholders in an effort to initiate and sustain a positive, encouraging educational environment that influences student achievement and success (Sanders, 2008). A majority of parents and teachers consider schools to be the domain of the teacher, not the parents. Staples et al., (2010) stated that if a parent perceives the school to be unwelcoming, or if the school assumes the parent is disinterested in their child’s education, the collaborative partnership between the school and parents could be inhibited.
Endeavors that promote and foster positive paradigms relevant to parent involvement, school administrators, faculty, and staff must make it a priority to make families and students feel welcomed, involved, and an integral part of their child’s educational process and academic success (Hoover-Dempsey, 2005). Families, teachers, and community stakeholders must share a common set of beliefs and expectations regarding the roles of schools, families, and teachers attempting to eliminate any perceived barriers that impede parent involvement and stifle success and achievement of the student. Teachers, parents, and communities working together can empower the students and school to achieve success and greatness regardless of their socioeconomic adversities and challenges they face. The earlier in the child’s education that…

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