Essay about Effective Management Of The Organization

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Correct conflict resolution.

For effective management of the organization of the manager must be properly resolve conflicts, to find common ground with his staff. Here is one example of the working of the conflict in a small family-type organization. In the current backbone of the business the old-timers, who stood at the very beginning of the company, joins a young relative. He worked for some time to lower management positions, worked well, and it was decided to raise the head of the department, which consists of people much older than him. On the first day, bearing in mind its practice in other departments and other organizations subordinate asks all present to give him a report on the work in the last month. That was it necessary to determine the situation and planning of individual activities of the department. And then, quite unexpectedly for him one of the employee, his aunt, openly expresses his defiance.

The resulting conflict situation demanded quick resolution. Engage in vociferous argument with the lady in front of the rest of the staff was useless - even more so will lose its already undermined credibility. A new manger quietly asked his employee to come to with him for a cup of tea at the end of the day, and left. This is the right way for the conflict resolution. But often, when manager has to deal with such situations, the manager decided to stop the sabotage on the ground, entered the fray with his subordinates, and often lost, losing credibility even…

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