Essay on Effective Management Of The Criminal Justice System

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Abstract: Incapacitation or Deterrence? Is it really a matter of one or the other or is it the matter of properly using both stratagem for the efficient, and effective management of the criminal justice system in America? Furthermore, in a decade where the penal system seems to focus on strictly punishment I seek to discover if there is a better way.

According to Todd Clear and Natasha Frost (2014) by the year 2002 the penal system of the United States had exceeded two million inmates. Furthermore, according to the statistics laid out in their book The Punishment Imperative after the turn of the millennium roughly 5 million Americans had spent time in the penal system (Clear and Frost 2014). Worst of all they estimate that with a total population of roughly ten million inmates worldwide, when we exceeded two million inmates in our penal system we officially incarcerated one fifth of the entire population of inmates throughout the world (Clear and Frost 2014). To round out the statistics from The Punishment Imperative regarding incarceration, let us review the facts that show America has one of the largest If not highest rates of imprisonment in the world as presented to us by Clear and Frost. The United States has an incarceration rate of roughly 750 people per 100,000 people. Additionally, they found that after 1980 the population increased approximately four times its previous amount. Astonishingly, even though our population of incarcerated…

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