Essay about Effective Leadership For A Leadership Role

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Communication in leadership
Communicating effectively in a leadership role can be a challenge in itself. Fostering trust and transparency with everyday communication will enable us to be open minded and portray an approachable body. Leadership is a fundamental element of the human condition. Wherever society exists, leadership exists. Any definition of leadership must account for its universal nature (Hackman, 2013, p. 2). As humans, we transmit with our bodies through gestures and voice commands. It is our responsibility to convey messages that will allow us to build strong relationships and lines of communications. As a person who deals with various individuals possessing different communication styles, I was identified as being honest, transparent, and thorough when I communicate. Effective communication in a leadership role is not only important, it is essential to build off relationships and create a great bond with individuals that may be stakeholders in any future endeavors.
Effective Leadership
In my discussion forum, I focused on Cesar Chavez as being someone that I can relate my leadership style to. At work, my peers see me as a role model and a person they can come to for advice. A characteristic that I possess is honesty. When I communicate, I strive to provide honest and accurate information. Misleading and misinforming people is not something I was raised doing. Our culture has taught me that communication strategies are hard to attain, it takes…

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