Effective Leadership : A Complex And Ambiguous World Environment Where Authority Structures Are More Dominant And Organisational Boundaries

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Engaging others to work with the leader.
Effective leadership in a complex and ambiguous world environment where authority structures are less dominant and organisational boundaries are more fluid requires leaders to be able to build effective and productive relationships with a range of people. The more diffuse nature of power and authority means that leaders are more likely to have to develop the quality of relationships as a means of influencing others. This essay examines how this aspect of leadership practice has been analysed in the research literature. First the essay defines key understandings of influence and power, and the importance of social and economic exchanges in the establishing the influence of the leader. Next the essay considers the research on Leader Member Exchange theory to consider how psychological and social exchanges can result in a high quality leader follower relationship. Additionally, transformational leadership addresses how leaders can build trust and empower others. Finally the essay analyses the theories and styles of leadership articulated in the essay by identifying some of the general issues that may be encountered in building trust in followers, follower empowerment and finally follower engagement.
Power and Influence
Being a leader and empowering others to do as you wish is not an easy job, as for some it can take time and even coercion to do so whereas for others it is seemingly easy. Discounting the position of a person, everyone…

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