Effective Interventions For Addressing Depression Essay

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Level of Evidence The level of evidence is emerging to support the two interventions. Research has mainly been conducted on the effectiveness of CBT and psychoeducation in certain populations. However, there has not been much research conducted on the effectiveness of the interventions in older adults. Older adults are typically underrepresented in the clinical trials conducted (Wilson, Mottram, and Vassilas, 2008). Nonetheless, the research conducted on the two interventions is well supported in the trials that have been conducted. Most of the research reported that there are effective interventions for addressing depression in HIV, but the studies have limitations (Sherr et al., 2010). Not all of the studies have focused uniquely on older adults living with HIV and depression. Multiple studies including Sherr and colleagues’ (2010) reported while the interventions available are effective there must be further research conducted to enhance efficacy (Sherr, Clucas, Harding, Sibley, Catalan, 2010).
CBT has been found to be an evidence-based intervention, particularly effective as a psychological intervention to decrease depression (Sherr et al., 2010). There has been empirical support that affirms CBT is an acceptable treatment for use with older people (Hyer and Kramer, 2004). It has been demonstrated to be an effective evidence-based intervention for treatment of depression that can also be useful for HIV infected adults (Jayasvasti et al., 2011). In fact, it is reported…

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