Essay on Effective Intervention Strategies For Counseling

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At one time or another, individuals may find the need to enlist the help of counselors to resolve issues of loss. In situations such as employment loss, many people find themselves in a state of panic and often go through grief much like those experiencing loss of a loved one. People are often defined by their job and when it ends abruptly or unexpectedly, it can take a toll on one’s mental and physical well-being. Furthermore, when individuals experience loss, they often go through symptoms of grief that include, but are not limited to, anger, depression, low self-esteem and loss of self-control. When this occurs, it is important for counselors to utilize proper intervention strategies to help the client cope with the loss they have experienced. In the video, the client worked for almost 20 years at Systems Tech when her job was suddenly eliminated. The client showed signs of grief that included anger and loss of self-control. Although the client was angry and threatened to leave, the counselor utilized active listening strategies to de-escalate the client. His empathetic presence was nonjudgmental and validated her frustrations in a way that made the client feel heard (James & Gilliland, 2013, p.436). He also displayed a sense of support to the client even when she was being irrational and spoke about bringing harm to her former supervisor. Another intervention strategy utilized by the counselor in the video was cognitive strategies. As previously…

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