Gun Control Effectiveness

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This paper will talk about Gun control primarily in the United States of America. It will cover how gun control affects the safety of average day citizens. How ineffective Gun control can be in the United States. This paper will also compare other countries with the United States on how effective their gun control laws are. The history of gun control in the United States of America. Murder statistics of firearms and other weapons. It will also bring up cases that are similar to gun control and how they were enforced and how they worked out in the end. The last thing it will cover is if gun control impedes on the rights of an American citizen.
Gun control will not make it harder for criminals to obtain firearms. But with the heighted
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But the failure of gun control would not be the only instance when the federal government failed to prohibit or regulate certain items. In The 1920’s the federal government passed the Volstead Act, which prohibited the sale and the consumption of alcohol. The Volstead Act was enforced strictly in most states, and it was hard to come by Alcohol by common means. This helped create a monopoly on the illegal selling of alcohol for gangs and the mafia. More and more people started to buy alcohol illegally. This is also believed to what help modern day organized crime to come about. The Volstead Act was eventually repealed in the 1930’s. The similarities between the Volstead Act and gun control is this. The Federal government couldn’t stop people from obtaining alcohol no matter what they did. Which also means if there was a weapons ban they couldn’t stop people from buying weapons. It also showed that despites all of the laws made their still is people who are willing to do whatever possible in order to obtain what they want. If the Federal government started to make more strict gun control laws. Then there will most defiantly be an increase in criminally bought weapons. Another law that can also be used to support why gun control won’t work and is not very effective is, the ban on illegal substances such as marijuana. Marijuana is completely illegal for use unless it is for medicinal purposes in most …show more content…
Why is the Gun Control in the area that have the strictest laws on gun control not working? The answer is obvious it only prevent legal sales of firearms, it can’t stop illegal sales. Although gun control can stop some petty criminals from getting their hands on a gun. It can’t stop a determined one from getting it illegally from an illegal dun dealer. By definition a criminal is someone who does not abide by the laws. So will harder gun laws actually stop someone from getting a firearm? The answer is no it will not stop them from getting a firearm. You can look at the prohibition and the ban on illegal substances. Laws don’t stop criminals from getting illegal things from illegal dealers. It can only stop someone from getting a firearm to protect themselves from the

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