Exploring The Different Ways To Prevent Bullying

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Bullying is the act of force, intimidate or abuse, habitually on smaller or weaker people. Bullying usually includes a real or perceived power imbalance between the victim and the bully. It is also done deliberately. There are many types/ways of bullying, commonly verbal, relational, physical and gestural.
• Verbal – teasing, name-calling, taunting, unfair criticism, insults or spreading rumours
• Relational – forming coalitions against someone, excluding someone
• Physical – hitting, spitting, throwing things, hiding belongings
• Gestural – threatening, making rude hand gestures, staring
There are some methods that we can utilise to prevent bullying. Among the student body, it is essential to empower them and inculcate into them the notion
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Teachers and Parents can be more vigilant by acknowledging unexplained cuts or bruises found on victims. The victim might suffer from non-specific pains, headaches or abdominal pains. They will also undergo some behavioural changes, some which may cut down their chances of running into the bully, like changing their route to school or refusal to go to school. The school can install more cameras in the blind areas in school as this will assist in solving bullying cases and it might also prevent bullies from acting out due to limited blind spots. Social and friendship skills can be included in curriculum, especially during CCA. Conducting friendly games may allow underachieving students to experience success. With that, discussions on bullying are also prudent to discourage new instances of bullying by the successful students. These talks should also include the parents as they are the keys to eradicate instances of bullying. If a child is a bully, the parents should be informed, not to inflict punishment on the child but to help educate and encourage the bully to mend his ways. The parents are the key as they have to make a …show more content…
They should leave a bullying situation if they find themselves in one, remain calm and enlist the help of bystanders to diffuse the bully. The self-esteem of these victims also needs to be boosted. They need to value themselves. They could take up a new hobby, which in turn may open up a new door for these children as they can make more friends and boost their self-esteem. In the long run this will definitely prevent them from being bullied. They might even end up being good friends with the bully if they share a common interest.
The bullies on the other hand may need an outlet for their aggression, they may be appointed as the class discipline head as a channel for this aggression. The ideal situation is for the bully to enforce discipline in a verbal manner while at the same time realising the need for discipline within him. The bully will also need some counselling to better understand his need to bully. He may have been a victim of bullies also. The bullies should also be rewarded for their good behaviour. Just like the victims, bullies also need to boost their self-esteem and learn some friendship

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