Effective Essay: Is Football So Dangerous?

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Natalie Meyer
Mrs. Phenice
20 November 2017 Is Football So Dangerous? Football; the most dangerous sport in the world. Unfortunately, football is the downfall of many great athletes that ruin their lives forever. But getting rid of this sport in the United States is almost nearly impossible. This is due to the fact that football is very popular nowadays. People start young and play their whole lives. What restrictions should U.S citizens implement to make it safer? Football is indeed the most dangerous sport in the U.S, but if we implement the newly installed rules and stress more advanced equipment it would push more safety into the athlete's lives.
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And football season kicked off across the country in full force but also so have behind the scenes. like the prevalence of long-term brain damage and concussions in current and former players of the NFL. There are companies coming up with new equipment and new products we can use the two new Riddell technology products for helmets. Riddell one of the most popular brands in the NFL conveys “Riddell has created two new products for the NFL and NCAA for the future of football in our advantage” (New.)” The first product composed by Riddell, the Precisions Fit process. It's where they use 3D scanning to scan an individual for a custom fit for their helmets which put custom liners in just for the individual which also improves the NFL players vision and overall avoid injuries. Then Riddell mentions “Riddell has produced a second technology and its the InSite Impact Response System” (New.)” This system conveys a great advantage for any team who gets their hands on it. The system puts many sensors in each player's helmets to alert the sideline staff when the player has had a huge hit or to bad on an impact or too big of a number of injured marked by an NFL approved number. And just with these two technology products, the NFL can assure more safety into the

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