Essay on Effective Curriculum, Lessons And Assessments

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Introduction Effective curriculum, lessons and assessments are some of the many things that teachers are constantly improving. These changes are usually made to help improve learning and performance in students. With the never ending to-do-list that teachers have, making changes to meet the needs of every student can seem like a never ending task. Mary Ann Corley (2015) believes “the challenge is for teachers to ensure that the needs of all learners are equally valued and equally served”. Despite the time constraints that many teachers feel it is important that lessons are differentiated to help students be successful. One way teachers can meet student needs it to differentiate lessons based on student readiness. By using what students already know, teachers can enhance the learning experience and make understanding accessible for all students.
Learning Plan When creating the learning plan of any lesson it is important to constantly consult the standards and assessments to make sure you are aligned. So when I began developing the learning plan I considered what they standards were asking of the students. The standards required that students write by using specific rhetorical devices (persuasive techniques) and be aware of the audience being convinced. This learning plan will be implemented in the beginning of the unit, and will be used to determine what persuasive writing skills students currently have. In order to differentiate this learning activity, I will be adjusting…

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