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Passive and Assistive Range of Motion Exercises

Range of Motion Exercises
Range of motion (ROM) exercises are done to preserve flexibility and mobility of the joints on which they are performed. These exercises reduce stiffness and will prevent or at least slow down the freezing of your joints as the disease progresses and you move less often. Range of motion is the term that is used to describe the amount of movement you have at each joint. Every joint in the body has a "normal" range of motion. Joints maintain their normal range of motion by being moved. It is therefore very important to move all your joints every day. Stiff joints can cause pain and can make it hard for you to do your normal daily activities. Each person with ALS
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Even within a limb the type of exercise used can vary depending on the strength of the different muscle groups. PALS with increased muscle tone (spasticity) will also need to learn techniques to decrease the tone before exercising. What type of ROM exercises are most effective for an individual is best determined by a therapist who can evaluate your own muscle strength and tone. It is important to realize that these exercises will not strengthen muscles that have been weakened by ALS. Once the supply of motor neurons that control a particular muscle has degenerated, it cannot be regenerated by exercise. It is important that all exercise be http://www.alsa-or.org/treatment/ROMExercises (1 of 12) [2/19/2004 9:59:45 PM]

Passive and Assistive Range of Motion Exercises

performed in moderation. Fatigue will only increase your weakness and rob you of energy that you need for your daily routines and the activities you enjoy. If you find that your prescribed set of exercises tires you, talk to your therapist. Changes can be made that will eliminate the risk of fatigue. Similarly, none of your exercises should cause you pain. If you do experience pain when exercising, stop that exercise and talk to your therapist. It may be that you are not doing the exercise correctly, or perhaps some modification to your exercise program must be made.

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