What Is Effective Communication

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Leadership and Communication Effective Leadership is the key to not only contributing to a successful company but an effective leader is the glue that holds the team together. To be an effective leader this person will be able to communicate effectively. They will be able to communicate through both verbally and non-verbally, will be able to adapt to a variety of communication styles, depending on who their audience is. An effective leader will have active listening skills and not be easily distracted. Effective leader will also be able to be open constructive criticism by their peers, employees and other professionals and to continue to educate themselves in self-improvement in effective communication. Leadership Working …show more content…
Advantages to an open door policy are “Open door policy encourages effective communication between the employee and the management, there is no room for confusion when the employees directly interact with their superiors, which will help to motivate the help employee to live up to the expectations of the management and the open door policy enables the employees to sees their boss’s help and freely discuss things with them for better clarity.”(Management Study Guide) In order for a leader have an open door policy. Effective communication is necessary, the leader must ensure that they are able to overcome, if necessary. Poor listening skills, if the leader is not listening to their managers or employees without distractions or listening completely then they will not be able to problem solve. Assumptions, no one should ever assume that they know exactly what everyone on the team is doing, be proactive and ask. People not only use their voice for effective communication but their body language and facial expressions. For effective communication, to get a clear message out that people will actually hear and understand leaders need to ensure that they are managing their emotions through their facial expressions and body language. “When there is a conflict between the verbal message and the non-verbal message, we …show more content…
According to a an article in Forbes, this article states that there have been studies that are trying to determine if people are born leaders are they can be created. Some studies have said “when it comes to leadership, nature seems to be lending a helping hand” There was also a study that was done through Wake Forest University that states “that leaders exhibit different brain activity in their frontal and pre-frontal lobes when compared to subjects who were in a leadership role.” An effective leader are the ones that are able to demonstrate their active listening skills and also important “are the ones who bring their teams under control and harmonize everyone’s efforts to achieve the desired

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