Effective Communication Is Primary Skill Implemented By Metro 's Management Company

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M 5 Assignments 1
Students are required to perform the role as a consultant, retained by Metro 's management company. The company provides experienced supervisors that build performance review and information management system. As the consultant five conflict documents will be assessed, identify for negotiated strategies, mediation plans, trade-offs and risk analysis in the mediation/resolution process recommendations and arbitration.
( Module 5, Conflict Resolution Strategies, 2015) states that conflicts strategies are mainly resolved through some type of negotiation. Effective communication is primary skill implemented. There are three main dependence that the parties have on each other, which entails negotiation; the common and contradictory issues at hand; and the objective of an agreement.
On the other hand, mediation uses a third party, which attempts to bring about a middle ground that is mutually acceptable to both parties without having lawyers, etc., involved. However, trade-offs and risk analysis in the mediation/resolution process are people who are in lengthy or prolonged conflict and will often begin to take risks in order to settle the dispute. The downside of this is that barriers to conflict resolution can begin to develop, making it essential that the mediator focuses on the specifics of the risk aversion and moves toward trying to have the parties communicate on specific points of acceptability. But, arbitrationas with mediation is normally…

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