Essay Effective Communication Is Important For Teachers

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It is evident that one of the major problems of teaching comes from communication problems, therefore, the more effective communication is, the more efficient education becomes. It is important for teachers to have good communication skills in the classroom, in order to interact with their students through various forms of communication. Teachers can use not only non-verbal communication; such as facial expressions, eyes, touching, body movements, dress, and use of space, but also verbal communication; including language and speech like pitch, modulation, emphasis, pace and pause, and volume. In addition, such strategies encourages teachers and students to be interactive using these non-verbal and verbal skills.

Having effective communication skills is a part of the ability to be a good teacher. Miller (1988, p.4) writes that 'effective teaching depends on successful communication. When teachers and students interact, explicit communications occurs. ' In the class, the teacher and students must be able to exchange meaningful intelligent or emotional information with each other. The transferred information is called the 'message ' (Eunson 2006, p.9). According to the 'improved models of communication ', two-way transmitting, which means sender and receiver continually switching their roles, is better than one-way when it comes to interaction (Eunson 2006, p.8). Especially, one of the most attractive features of two-way transmitting is that the sender can get feedback…

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