Effective Communication, Effective And Professional Communication

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To be able to conduct effective communication, one needs to have the ability listen actively, clarify doubts by asking questions and rephrase information back to the sender to ensure accuracy and successful completion of a given task. Both effective communication and teamwork are essential for good clinical care. It is the interaction within the medical team of doctors, nurses, physician assistants, ward staff and other allied healthcare professionals that enables quality patient care being provided. Without the beautiful collage of professionalism, medicine just won’t function well. As the saying goes, a team is only as strong as its weakest member, embracing collaboration between different members of the healthcare team is significant in administering the best possible care for patients. As thus, effective and professional communication is fundamental. The use of ISBAR (Introduction, Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation) among healthcare professionals cannot be stressed further especially when it comes to patient care. In almost every healthcare setting and organization, it has long been practiced and implemented. Besides setting a framework and acting as tool for healthcare professionals to pass on critical information about patients, it also serves to demonstrate the importance of professionalism and standardization. Proficient discussion of patient information among healthcare providers should be efficient and well versed. Having a well-established way…

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