Effective Communication Case Study Analysis: Case 9-1 Pepsi Syringe

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Effective Communication Case Study Analysis
Case 9-1 Pepsi Syringe
University of Phoenix
Public Relations / MKT 438
Charles Bocage, Dean of Education,
Apagy Technology Group, MBA, MSIS, TQM

January 22, 2007

Effective Communication Case Study Analysis
Case 9-1 There's a Syringe in My Pepsi Can

Public, private, and non-profit organizations have experienced unprecedented change. The function of public relations has gained recognition for providing appropriate counsel to organizations that need to respond to this period of accelerating change. The perception that a "public relations person" is oriented to the self-promotion of an organization has shifted. Today's public relations professionals are required to work
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Videotapes were sent out as well as memos and the surveillance footage which reaffirmed Pepsi's innocence. Pepsi did not feed the frenzy that was being generated by the media nor did they let it internalize. The external public was targeted differently. PepsiCo chose to focus on television as its vehicle of communication. It relayed a pride in its product and took a firm stance and said no to the recall. PepsiCo said that the act was totally independent of Pepsi Cola and that their was no medical implications with the hoaxes. The electronic media (TV) added authenticity to the claim. The documentation provided showed the conveyor belt and the speed at which it sent the sodas through the process. It showed that it was virtually tamper resistant. The American public gradually started to believe and support Pepsi. More Hoaxes continued which added to the belief that they were, just that, hoaxes. Pepsi did an excellent job communicating with both publics due to the time constraint and circumstances in which they where placed. PepsiCo chose to take a firm stance in the crisis. It stood by its product and communicated a staunch belief in its product and processes. The video news release was and instrumental tool in communicating with both the internal and external publics. They chose to downplay the print media which was frenzying the public at

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