Effective Communication And The Function Of Nursing Implementation

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There are 5 steps of nursing process when it comes to taking care of patients as a nurse, and they are assessing, diagnosing, outcome identification and planning, implementing, and evaluating. Implementing step is a step consist of doing and documenting the activities that are the specific nursing actions that will carry out the interventions. The purposes of implementation are to help the patient achieve valued health outcomes such as promote health, prevent disease and illness, restore health, and facilitate coping with altered functioning (Taylor, Lillis, Lynn, & LeMone, 2015, p. 303). The intent of this paper is to show the importance and the function of nursing implementation. There are many personal qualities and skills that will allow you to work independently, interdependently, and dependently as a nurse. Nonetheless, there are five critical professional nursing skills/qualities, and they are: effective communication, flexibility, critical thinking, desire to learn, and attention to detail (Ericksen 2015). Effective communication is vital in nursing, because there will be a lot of talking with fellow nurses, and doctors, families, and patients. Strong communication is crucial especially for trying to talk things out with uncooperative patients and concerned families. There will be a lot heavy workloads and paperworks for nurses, and it is their responsibilities to complete all their requirements; therefore, flexibilities are important. Sometimes, there will be times…

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