Effective Communication And Its Impact On The Marketplace Essay

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Effective communication has the ability to impact those around us and transform our work climate into a more efficient palette upon which to cultivate progress towards our aspirations and goals. Employing digital and social media systems such as YouTube, Yelp and web technology are all important mechanisms by which we can enhance our business interests. Aspects such as increasing credibility in the marketplace, advertising as well as adding a deeper layer of communication are all the results of employing them in the marketplace. By using them, business is executed much differently and intercommunication between customers and businesses are greatly impacted.

In our text, several points were discussed that have the capability of enhancing professional communication abilities. First, drafting information architecture (website development) and the use of a user-generated content (UGC) site, such as YouTube and Yelp are key methods of communicating effectively in business and personal environments. Because of the evolvement towards information overload, Ahn (2014) noted that, “individuals began preferring pictures and video clips to written texts” (para. 2). This seems to indicate that people enjoy visual stimulation much more than reading, therefore demonstrates the efficacy of employing these kinds of communicative mechanisms going forward. Social media sites allow me to engage with customers and the community using visual stimulation and credibility establishing at no cost.…

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