Effective Communication, An Imperative Process In Nursing Practice

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Effective communication is such an imperative process in nursing practice. Whenever there is a communication breakdown, the success of health interventions is compromised. Poor communication can be as a result of several factors, such as language barriers, misinterpreting non verbal cues, poor listening skills, or even the existence of prejudgments. Nurses should make efforts to be able to eliminate any inhibitions to effective communication. In addition, the medical practitioners should be able to respond to the patients’ concerns, while at the same time countering patients who depict emotional and behavioral challenges.
Communication is a process that involves passing on information from a sender to the intended receiver through a particular
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It is through communication that patients are able to express themselves through stories, make known the symptoms they are experiencing, and voice their worries by talking to health practitioners, such as, nurses. Nurses learn the experiences of their patients through their verbal expressions and by means of body language. The words the nurses use toward their patients determine if the latter and the former will have a productive relationship. Effective communication in the nursing practice increases chances of patients recovering, creates a sense of safety and protection, making patients adhere to treatment, and assures the patients’ relatives that their loved ones are well cared for (Sheldon, 2009, p. 240).
Communication breakdown between a nurse and a patient due to language barriers can interfere with the process of treatment. In the case of Mrs Sophia Romano, there is a complete language barrier because she cannot communicate in English, and consequently, the nurses do not understand Italian, which is her mother dialect (Gallois, 2003, p. 13). For this reason, there has been very little understanding between the health professionals and the patient. Although language is a crucial element of communication, this does not mean that people who do not share a common language cannot
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Assess the risks associated with poor communication as a result of language barriers. Poor communication in the nursing practice can lead to dire consequences, such as increasing the rate of serious medical complications (Cohen, Rivara, Marcus, McPhillips, & Davis, 2005, p. 576). For instance, if the patient cannot effectively communicate disease symptoms to the nurse, the latter may end up giving the wrong prescriptions.
Make attempts to avail quality materials written in the Non-English languages. Austria is a multicultural society and this increases chances of nurses coming across patients from diverse cultures. The materials will help the health practitioners understand basic words in the target languages. It is advisable to concentrate on terms that are widely applied in the health sector. For example, in the case of Mrs Sophia, the nurse should consider looking for a number of materials written in Italian. Italian shares a lot of similarities with English in terms of script and alphabet, making it easy to learn for English speakers (Gallois, 2003, p.

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