Effective And Non Verbal Communication Essay

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Effective teachers model the language skills they expect from their students. Word choice, grammar, and non-verbal messages can support or detract from effective communication. Non-verbal messages can be just as important as verbal communication with students. Communication in the classroom can result in positive actions, but can also become less effective based off a variety of barriers. These barriers can include the communication not being stated clearly, if the room is too noisy, or the students may be unsure of the word choice the teacher has chosen to use. Communication can play an essential role in the classroom and student achievement. There are a variety of ways non-verbal communications techniques can foster positive interactions and promote learning. There are many ways students can communicate with their teachers non-verbally. One technique that is used most frequently is when the students are asking to go to the bathroom. In my class the students raise their hand with two fingers crossed over one another. This is a great method of communication between my CT and the students because it causes no interruptions or distractions. This method of requesting a restroom break was instilled in the students at the beginning of the year and has been a successful method of non0verbal communication between the student and teacher. Another technique I am able to practice during my observations is closeness, when students are at their desk I can physically come stand behind…

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