Essay Effective Active Listening At The Workplace

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Effective active listening always embraced first in the workplace and that’s because there is a big emphasis on multi-tasking in the workplace to get things done faster. A normal persons habits prove just how ignorant we have become to the topic of active listening. Nowadays people talk on phones while grocery shopping and or working out. In America we are blessed if we can give a few updates with our significant others and family or friends when the television advertisements interrupt what we were watching. Inside the workplace, these same awful habits are no different. Co-workers converse in snippets as they pass each other in the halls or on the floor to and from the office. During work place meetings, it appears that almost everybody is checking e-mails and text messages while doing side tasks

Effective active listening is rare amongst people nowadays. People tend to spend more time getting ready to speak but not preparing to listen. We evaluate others on what they say and how they say it, but not on how well they listen to others there are some very effective ways you can use to improve the amount of attention you give. These three effective ways will force you to spend more time processing what you hear and it will demonstrate to the other people that you are making an effort to be fully engaged these methods include, Don’t respond until you’ve had all the information, Encouraging the person speaking and focus on what 's different instead of what 's the same.…

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