Effect Of Violence On People Essay

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Violence can affect people mentally or physically and one doesn’t have to be involved to notice the lifestyle change that violence can affect. The physical effect from violence is obvious on how it can change a life, however, the mental effect is not noticeable to everyone. The two literatures that can demonstrate how violence can affect people, in this case boys, mentally are Fist Stick Knife Gun and “Male Bodies and the White Terror”. An example of a mental effect would be trauma which is a very difficult or unpleasant experience that causes someone to have mental or emotional problems and usually for a long period of time. Many people suffer from trauma including children either from death of a loved one, war, terrorism, witnessing a death or traumatic experience, domestic abuse, or by having an injury. Although trauma is a normal reaction when a horrible event occurs, I believe that trauma is the most nonphysical effect of violence because it can affect one’s relationship to others by withdrawal, effect managing aggressive behavior, and affect the ability to think clearly, such as the lives of Geoff in Fist Stick Knife Gun and the boys in "Male Bodies and the White Terror". Trauma can affect the people around the person with trauma such as withdrawing from others. For instance, in Fist Stick Knife Gun, Geoff experienced and got involved in violence during most of his childhood and adolescence. As an adult, he felt like he needed protection of a gun and needed habits to…

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