Essay on Effect Of Television On Children

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(Children and TV)
There were some good effects that television brought to children. Programmers had advanced TV shows that could positively influenced children. Children and their parents would watch cartoons together when they went to the department stores every Saturday. Children found their new friends and their role models by characters in TV shows. (Purdy) "The Mickey Mouse Club” taught children meaningful moral lessons and promoted their self-esteem by providing them with positive role models. Another benefit was literacy effect. According to early studies on the PBS program “Sesame Street,” children became better readers after viewing the program. The studies also revealed that “Sesame Street” teaching some “concept formation as well as promoting pro-social behavior, such as solving conflicts without violence or strengthening children 's self-confidence” (Television, International). In the 1950s, programs “were developed not only to help with literacy, but with other subjects as well as socialization, problem solving, and civic culture” (Television, International).

Besides from good effects, there were some bad effects television brought to children. Thanks to many children programs that TV offered, children could now draw their attention to televisions instead of their parents. Because busy parents knew that televisions were their children’s new addicted friends, they found series designed specifically for their toddlers and adolescents in the late afternoons on…

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