Effect of Television Media on Body Image in Adolescent Girls Diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa.

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Effect of Television Media on Body Image in Adolescent Girls diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa.
Research has continually revealed that television media has had an impact on viewers, however, more specifically studies have indicated that the adolescent has been most impacted especially the population that are diagnosed with eating disorders. In particular, this study will examine the adolescent population diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa usually begins with the adolescent experiencing a negative misperception of their body image which leads to a lack of satisfaction with their body, low self-esteem and the desire to become thin. The adolescent female is influenced by the image of the thin models and movies stars and
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(Grabe et. al., 2008 p. 461) Further according to Grabe et. al. (2008), finding among both adolescent and adult women indicate that participants who viewed magazine ads featuring the thin-ideal body type reported significantly greater body dissatisfaction than others that viewed neutral ads.
In another study that looked at the impact of television exposure on adolescent girls in Fiji, it was found that according to Becker, Burwell, Gilman, Herzog, & Hamburg (2002), that key indicators of disordered eating were significantly more prevalent following exposure and that the participant’s interest in weight loss came as a result of seeing models on television. According to Dohnt & Tiggeman (2006), there have been a number of studies that have researched peer and media influences in preadolescents and although the aim of the present study is to examine media influence on the adolescent ages 12-16 year old, the findings from Dohnt & Tiggemann (2006) indicated that findings were similar to those of adolescents. Further findings indicated that the major aim of this study s to examine the prospective contribution of peer and media influences to the development of body satisfaction and self-esteem and the highlighted findings indicated that “young girls also live in an appearance –focused environment in which the thin ideal body image is transmitted through multiple sources such as peers and the media.”

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