Effect Of Sports On Sports Essay

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A teen was shot and killed in the streets of San Antonio a couple of weeks ago. The teen was a sixteen year old who attended my high school. Although I did not know him personally, I was shocked to learn the news of his passing. The reason this is brought up is because had this teen been in an extracurricular activity like sports, maybe he would have a reason to stay off the streets. Participating in sports keeps teens out of the streets. Being in sports makes teens have better grades, and thus a better work ethic. Teens who are in sports end up meeting coaches who are role models that impact those teens in a significant way. Participation in sports keeps teens out of trouble
Teens who participate in sports tend to stay off the streets. When teens are in sports they cannot be on the streets because they are committed to sports. Sports take up a lot of time for teens. Sports required practice that is after school, and some cases before school. Even if there is no practice, teens still need time to work on their grades. A teen who is in sports will not likely get home till after 6 or 7. Knowing that there is school tomorrow, teens will be more likely to stay off the streets. Teens who hang around in the streets are usually in a gang doing some sort of criminal activity. Activities like vandalism or drugs are something that teens have to stay away from if they want to be in sports. Drugs and breaking into other people’s houses does not look good when a teen who is in sports is…

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