Effect of Rotanone Essay

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Comparing LC50 of Insectisides Pirimicarb and Rotenone on Blowfly, Blowfly larvae, Woodlice and Daphni
The LC50 of insecticides rotenone and pirimicarb were compared by testing blowfly, blowfly larva, woodlice and daphnia. Rotenone is a NADH dehydrogenase inhibitor causing death by oxidative stress however pirimicarb causes toxicity through acetylcholinesterase inhibition. It was found that rotenone had large toxic effects on daphnia, blowflies and woodlice but not maggots and pirimicarb had low toxic effects on all of the organisms tested. Due to the low percentage death caused by pirimicarb a LC50, however in rotenone a LC50 was performed for daphnia, woodlice and blowfly the LC50 for each organism was compared concluding
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Blowflies have a sponge-like mouthpart and are polyphagous, meaning they can feed on various types of food; blowfly larvae however feed on dead animals or animal refuse (Baz et al 2007, Drees & Jackman 1998). Blowflies have been found to be only active during the day and are very sensitive to the smell of blood and therefore are one of the first organisms to the site of a corpse (Gunn 2008 & Rognes 1991). Female blowflies lay eggs near or on a corpse and the eggs hatch into blowfly larvae, which hook-like mouth parts allowing the larvae to feed on the flesh of the corpse and the microbes that grow upon it. Blowfly larvae also use enzymes and other substances to break down other underlying substrate. The larvae then leave the corpse and migrate to a dry place such as the soil to become pupae, here the outer body hardens into a case and within 10-14days the blowfly larvae emerges as an adult blowfly (Drees & Jackman 1998, Gunn 2008 & Martin 2007).

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Figure 1 shows that rotenone resulted in a high percentage death in all the species it was administrated to except maggots. The highest percentage death was found in daphnia at the concentration of x10 where the average percentage death found was 99%. Daphnia was found

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