Effect Of Divorce On Children Essay

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Being children of divorced parents can cause them to question self image, puts them at greater risk for substance abuse, peer pressure, and exposes them to experience tremendous loss in relationships. Over 40 percent of divorces involve children (Hopf, 2010). The effects of divorce on children, if not handled properly, could be problematic. As a result, they are exposed to dealing with a very mature issue at an innocent age.
Due to the impact caused by divorce, children are more prone to struggle with self-esteem. 20 to 25 percent of children of divorced families, compared to 10 percent of children of non-divorced families, demonstrate severe emotional and behavior problems (Hopf, 2010). The emotional aftermath causes confusion and brings into question their self-worth. When a devastating circumstance occurs, such as a divorce, the children exposed can develop a range of insecurities. If these issues advance, it can carry over into adulthood. These children become adults and are more at risk of depression, attachment problems in relationships and decreased self-sufficiency. The separating parties cause this because they use alienation strategies that degrade one another or turn a child against a parent. This type of behavior can breed a negative atmosphere for the child’s development (Kelsey Block and Sophie Spiegel). These children are affected because they internalize the insults towards the parents, take responsibility for the failed marriage, and feel…

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