Essay on Effect of Cigarette Smoking

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Nigeria, as a member of the WHO framework Convention on Tobacco Control, still falls short of the goals set by WHO in tackling Tobacco smoking with complete lack of tobacco control implementation (NCD Country profiles, 2011). Multinational companies, through political lobbying, have established a strong foundation in the country and are determined to recover whatever they have lost in other countries. According to the Ottawa Charter (1986), the process of health promotion is one that involves the building up of people for them to be able to exert control over their health and to improve it. It also focuses on abolishing inequality in health and this involves access to life skills, supportive environment, and making opportunities available for healthy choices to be made. This calls for joint action by the health, social and economical sectors, by voluntary bodies, the local authorities, the media, communities, families and individuals. Tackling tobacco smoking in Nigeria requires of various approaches and models in promoting health among the population (Naidoo and Wills, 2000). Smoking is a risky behavior which may be seen as a response or mechanism of coping with adverse living conditions, thus strategies for change should be directed towards health education, development of life skills and creation of more

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